When I Wasn't Alive

by King Niko

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Come on
Uh, so yeah.
At the start everything was nothing
Then all the sudden there was stars and dust and
There in the middle, guess it all was one thing
It's like there must have been a bang or something
Then there was lava and I think some bugs and
Cambrian something and a fish with legs and
Once that happened, everything got snapping
And up and amplified

When I wasn't alive
And it's gonna just keep going on when I'm gone

So skipping forward past the boring parts
I think there was dinosaurs and Noah's ark
A couple flurries got a blizzard crazy
A bunch of stories about a wizard, maybe?
And way, way later we all got to thinking
Writing down this shit and started tinkering
Got us some wheels, got into pots and drinking
But never stopped to let a damn thing sink in
Schemed up the pyramids, got tough and tussling
Made up democracy and math and hussling
And then the Romans took up the cross and
That's how Jesus died

When I wasn't ailve
And it's gonna just keep going on when I'm gone

Whoa, for a minute it seemed like back to the start, yeah
A whole fucking age getting left in the dark, yeah
So we got really
Good at coulda, woulda, shooting and killing eachother
Spent a half a century ducking for cover
So we got really

Where was I?

So we got this far because or in spite of
Always wanting more and itching to fight but
I heard singing stopped a couple of wars, like
Right in the shit of 'em so that's pretty good, right?
And nowadays we got machines and sprockets
Supercomputers that will fit in your pockets
'Round 'bout the time by body gets to rotting
We'll stop keeping time.

When I wasn't alive
And it's gonna just keep going on when I'm gone


released March 12, 2013
Artwork and Design by Mariana Palova
Produced, Mixed, Engineered, and Mastered by Michael Sasich
Recorded and Mastered at Man vs Music Studios
by King Niko



all rights reserved


King Niko Salt Lake City, Utah

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